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11th March 2020

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Why get married at Crook Hall and Gardens, Durham, County Durham you say!!  Well where to start:

Crook Hall is an outstanding wedding venue as a backdrop for your wedding day photography.  The 13th century Grade 1 listed Medieval Hall in Durham City blends beautifully with the contemporary and historical gardens, resulting in your wedding day pictures being the envy of your wedding guests.

The excitement is palpable, whenever I get asked to photograph a couple’s wedding day at Crook Hall in Durham.  As a wedding Photographer nothing is more enjoyable than the bespoke weddings conducted at Crook Hall and Gardens.  

The Hall itself has so many picturesque corners, staircases, fireplaces for a bride and groom to have photographs taken.  The wedding ceremony room is steeped in history and looks stunning in every photograph.  The room where Brides get ready is in itself a picture of perfection.  Bridal preparation in this room is a joy to photograph.  Any bride will look amazing with the ancient oak beams and views across the river to Durham Cathedral and Castle.  Every time I visit Crook Hall and Gardens, I find something new to photograph, a new corner, or feature to pose a bride and groom, bride and bride or groom and groom.  

crook, hall, wedding, photographer, durham

All of the above is just in regard to the inside of Crook Hall.  When you venture outside of Crook Hall into the gardens your eyes are everywhere.  Simply stunning!  The staff and groundskeepers at Crook Hall ensure everything is perfectly placed to enhance the beautiful surroundings.   I was fortunate enough to be one of the first wedding photographer to capture a wedding day where the ceremony was conducted in the new outside wedding ceremony room at Crook Hall and Gardens.  The outdoor ceremony room is perfectly positioned for views across to Durham Cathedral, whilst still feeling intimate and enclosed by the ancient trees and stunning floral displays from the gardens surrounding. 

wedding, photographer, crook, hall, durham, wedding

Once the wedding ceremony is over Crook Hall and Gardens affords your wedding guests a huge walled garden to explore.  The gardens are also perfect for those intimate wedding photographs of the bride and groom away from the wedding guests.  The lake at Crook Hall always makes for a picture certain to be in the wedding album.  An unusual but added bonus at Crook Hall is the amazing hedge maize within the garden. This is perfect for unusual but stunning aerial shots of the bride and groom and guests finding their way to the centre. As evening falls over Crook Hall, you get amazing views over towards Durham city centre, as Durham Cathedral and Castle turn on their lights affording a stunning backdrop for nighttime wedding pictures. 


If you hadn’t guessed already, I just love photographing weddings at Crook Hall and Gardens Durham, County Durham.  It makes being a wedding photographer just that little bit more enjoyable. 


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