Put on your fancy Clothes and Support Saint Catherines Scarborough

14th January 2021

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Raising your spirits whilst raising money, What can you do with the help of a Scarborough Wedding Photographer?

COVID-19 has hit the world hard, and none harder than the amazing charities around the world we all take for granted.  

Since lockdown Charities have really struggled with funding, as their shops have had to close, events have been cancelled and even things as simple as change tins in shops have seen a reduction in usage. 

With this in mind a number of individuals have been coming up with creative ways to raise money for their favourite charities in their own way.  Here in my local village, we have seen people doing sponsored fancy dress runs, Selling jams and marmalades, and even creative personalised crafts. 

Here at Nev Chambers Photography we have been offering doorstep photoshoots to raise money for Saint Catherines Hospice Scarborough.  What’s that you say? Put simply, you put on your fancy clothes, open your front door and take pictures of you. I have been contacted by a number of horse owners too, so why not have some pictures with your favourite animals? Clean and shine those wellies!

Obviously, that is a very simplistic version of what actually happens.  It all starts with the enquiry and agreeing a date and time mutually convenient for all involved.  (the next 2 Saturdays are fully booked).  Once a date and time is agreed the next part is down to you.  Are you going to wear jeans and a shirt, that special dress you can’t wait for a night out to wear, or do you go full on ballgown and back tie with tuxedo?  If ever there is an excuse to order those clothes you have seen online, and definitely those shoes, then this is it.  (you can always send them back)

On the day of the shoot, armed with hand sanitiser and face masks, and a camera with a long lens I will knock on your door and then quickly step away to maintain the distance between us all.  This is where the fun and laughter usually starts.  With my own version of interpretive dance, I guide you through posing and get you all set for the actual pictures to be taken. 

The magic words of cheese, and a bright flash usually means success.  Sometimes we get those individuals that blink or pull a funny face as the picture is taken.  This is why I always take a couple of pictures in quick succession.  Another bit of interpretive dance as you change pose and usually get confused over left and right, and we are ready for round two.  A few more cheeses and we are done.  A few pleasantries and that’s it. 

This is when I go and hide in my office and edit your pictures.  As I normally photograph weddings, I have a strict system in place for editing meaning a speedy but high-quality finish to your photographs.  Once completed I upload the images into your own online gallery, and I send you the details to gain access. 

So why not do your little bit for charity during this lockdown, get in touch with Nev Chambers Photography here and book your doorstep photoshoot.  Dress up, put that makeup on and why not order that dress and shoes.  Let’s raise your spirits whilst raising money. 

If you have any amazing fundraising ideas what are you waiting for? Saint Catherines Hospice Scarborough have lots of ideas and helpful hints and tips you can use here. Saint Catherines Fund Raising

If its something you think a professional photographer could help you with don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and I will gladly help wherever I can.