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More info and wedding reviews are extremely important when you’re booking something as important as your wedding photographer. This has been designed as a go to so that Bride and Grooms can rest assured of their choice in selecting me as their wedding photographer.

As I’m sure you’ve realised by now that I love and get a massive sense of achievement and happiness from being a wedding photographer. I love where I live (Filey, North Yorkshire) as this provides countless opportunities for wedding and family photography.

I grew up visiting Filey and Scarborough, so both places hold many special memories.

Filey Wedding Photographer

Why would you get married or have your Wedding Photography in Filey? Because you are sensible that’s why. Filey has so much to offer, so many places and backdrops to make amazing wedding day photographs.

Exploring the northern end of Filey Bay which leads to Carr Naze cliff edge was always and is exciting. At the end there is a Scheduled Monument, a Roman signal station, which was first excavated during the nineteenth century. There is the uniquely beautiful Church of St. Oswald dating from the twelfth century and is now Grade I listed. It makes a wonderful wedding location and provides a stunning backdrop to the wedding photographs. On the lovely sandy beach, I have taken many sunrise and sunset wedding and family photographs. These are truly very special and often a once in a lifetime experience. How does a wedding Photographer relax between weddings? Of course I get up super early go down to a cold windy beach and take more pictures. I am blessed to live a few minutes from Filey’s 5 mile long stretch of sand. A little known fact about Filey beach is that it was once home to an aerodrome. Robert Balckburn MBE was seen as one of Britains leading aviation pioneers. Being on the beach just as the sun comes up gives a feeling that can’t really be explained. It is an amazing feeling to think you are one of the first people in Britain to see that day begin as the sun comes over the horizon. Sunsets are also something to behold. I recently took a number of photos at Hunmanby Gap as the sun set behind the cliffs. The colours were amazing as the sky turned a hundred different colours in the space of 15 minutes. If you get the chance I urge anyone and everyone to experience a sunrise and sunset on the beach. The sunrise and sunset times can be found here. Please remember to check the tide times too!!!!!

Scarborough Wedding Photographer

The powerful image of Scarborough Castle, towering above the town, is one of the most memorable sites. It has featured in many of my photos as it makes the most fantastic silhouette and the colours of the sky blend with it to create a stunning photo. The sculpture by Ray Lonsdale entitled, “Freddie Gilroy and the Belsen Stragglers“, is situated overlooking Scarborough’s north bay. I have had some brides and grooms select this piece to feature in their wedding photographs. Their reasons vary but it always creates an interesting photograph.

Finally this is where I met my wife. On the successful completion of our degrees we moved to West Yorkshire to begin our careers, but we always promised each other that one day we would move to the East Coast and fulfil our dreams. This became a reality in 2015 and we have never looked back.

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Five years ago we decided to relocate to the East Coast and have never looked back. I live just outside of Filey, North Yorkshire, with my wife, our daughter, a poodle and two goldfish. We feel truly blessed to live so close to the beach, sites of historical importance and golf courses. Well maybe the last one is just me! There’s never a dull moment, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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These wedding blogs have been created to share ideas, thoughts and support. As I'm sure you're aware, when it comes to weddings everyone (including the dog!) has an opinion from what flowers you should choose to what shoes are best. Ultimately select what works for you and your other half. I am here to offer support and my professional wedding advice.

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We had our wedding just before the second lockdown so we had 15 people altogether. Nev was absolutely amazing on the day, the wedding photos are out of this world. He listened to all our requirements for our wedding day and we couldn’t have wished for a better wedding photographer, thank-you again Nev.

Abby & Jamie