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14th June 2018

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Being a North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer is a privilege.

Wedding Photography!  On the surface being a North Yorkshire wedding photographer appears to be an easy enough job.  How hard can it be?  You turn up to a wedding, point your camera at the bride and groom for the day and that’s it! Then it’s just a case of sending photographs off for a wedding album to made……… Isn’t it?

Well, here at Nev Chambers Photography being a wedding photographer is much, much more than that.  All of our wedding photography packages start a long time before the actual wedding day.  The first contact with a bride and groom is usually made over a cup of tea here in Filey on the North Yorkshire Coast, via a telephone call or an e-mail.

The next step is the planning of my first meet with the bride and groom.  This involves multiple considerations, from where to meet (Filey isn’t very well known and Scarborough is a long way from anywhere), when to meet and also as their potential wedding photographer I have to ensure I can meet their expectations and needs.  Meeting a bride and groom for the first time is always a little daunting.  I should be more relaxed by now (they have contacted me, they have seen my wedding photographs, we have communicated in some way), but yet meeting someone for the first time, making that first impression is always important.

Meeting a future bride and groom is always a great experience and never the same (one of the many reasons why I love being a photographer).  It is the time when they get to know me a little and I them.  This is when I ask them about each other: how did they meet, the proposal,  hobbies and interests, also the finer details of the wedding day itself.  Personality is key, why would you want someone you don’t like spending your whole wedding day with you?  Alternatively, why would I want to spend a full day with a bride and groom I don’t like?  I wouldn’t, but luckily that hasn’t been an issue so far in my career, and hopefully never will.

To be continued……..

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