Selecting a Wedding Photographer

9th July 2018

Bride and Groom embrace on beach. Blue sky with fluffy clouds.

Selecting a Wedding Photographer to capture images of a bride and groom’s most important day isn’t or shouldn’t be a question of price.  It should be based on the photographers work and also the photographer themselves.  Personality is important, ultimately I as the wedding photographer will be spending a full day with you.  If you don’t like me, why would you want me at your wedding?  

I am often contacted by Bride and Groom’s and told that they have seen someone advertising a full days wedding for a much cheaper price, my usual response is something along the lines of……..  Is cheaper better?  Is the bride going to wear the cheapest wedding dress and shoes she can find?  Is the groom getting the cheapest suit he can and is the reception in the local Weatherspoon?   No?  So if you are spending a lot of money on your wedding surely its worth paying that bit more for a wedding photographer that is tried and tested, and will capture the beautiful Bride in her amazing wedding dress!  That has backup plans and equipment should there be an issue.  Selecting a wedding photographer is about ensuring that you have found a professional photographer who will take the time to ensure you have the most amazing wedding album and wedding day pictures as possible, even if that means a little extra time editing.

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