Wedding Photographs at Raven Hall

18th November 2021

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I ensure that your wedding photographs at Raven Hall are second to none. I strive for perfection throughout my service: from our planning meeting, engagement shoot, the wedding day and editing time. Wedding photographs are a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture your special day so that you have wonderful memories to look back on. 

I have been very fortunate to have been invited to photograph many wedding days here. Raven Hall is one of my favourite locations due to the many options available for wedding photos. It is important to consider a venue with many options as our weather can be so unpredictable. Not many brides and grooms wish to stand outside in the pouring rain. Although, I do have some beautiful white umbrellas that offer the happy couple a chance to be photographed outside their wedding venue with the rain drops lit. This is quite a magical and romantic wedding photograph.

A little bit about Raven Hall

Raven Hall, built in 1774, has a choice of banqueting rooms for your wedding. These rooms are beautifully and sympathetically decorated with many original features. You can choose between the Great Hall or the Viking Suite. Raven Hall allows for the wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast to take place in the same location, which guest appear to be keen on. As a wedding photographer it gives me the chance to encapsulate many candid wedding photographs at Raven Hall. (Wedding photograph packages) Many of these are not seen by the bride and groom till they receive the edited wedding photographs. Many of the brides and grooms have said how much they love this, and several of these photos make the wedding album and/or the people in them choose to purchase the photographs through my online password secured wedding photograph gallery. 

Wedding Photographs Outside at Raven Hall

Outdoor wedding photographs overlooking Robin Hood’s Bay are just fabulous! (I just love these.) The blue sea stretches out like glass when the sun shines upon it. Even if it isn’t a sunny day, the sea lends an atmospheric edge to your wedding photos at Raven Hall. The battlements ensure a unique backdrop to your wedding photos. So rest assured in choosing both myself and Raven Hall you will have truly exceptional wedding photographs. 

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