A Dunedin Country House Hotel Wedding

30th December 2021

Dunedin Country House

Sylvia and James had their wedding day at Dunedin House near Hull. Here is their story.

Tell me about the proposal. How did it happen?

“I proposed at Easter with my proposal written on an Easter Egg in chocolate. 
For context: I chose to do it on an Easter Egg because I have always called James “a good egg.”

You chose a spectacular wedding venue and one which fitted your wedding theme perfectly. What made you decide on Dunedin Hotel and Spa for your wedding day?

“We went and looked at a few places, but they didn’t feel right. I wanted somewhere that guests could move around and escape the music if they needed to or wanted to socialise.”

Dunedin is an exclusive wedding venue.  When you book your wedding day at Dunedin you and your wedding party are the only guests at the hotel.  It really does feel as if the entire Manor house is yours and you are hosting your wedding at home. (just with lots of attentive and amazing staff) As a wedding photographer I don’t think I have ever worked at such a friendly, relaxed wedding venue.  Even as the wedding photographer the staff treat me and my assistant as guests.  To watch them work from behind the scenes is truly amazing.  The wedding co-ordinator, manager, and staff never stop moving for the full day.  They ensure everything within the wedding venue is as the bride and groom requested.

Saying Yes to the Dress – How long did it take you to find “The One”? Or in your case two!! 

“I literally went to Deborah Moore in Hessle and tried 3 dresses on. 1st dress was stunning, and my sister and mum fell in love. Unfortunately, I was very self-conscious in it and it wasn’t for me but it was stunning. The second dress was THE dress, and I knew it, but I tried a third on just in case and went straight back to my dress. I had a few alterations done to it as the neckline was too plunging for my taste! When it was done it was PERFECT.

I forgot to mention! 
My second dress I got because the ONE thing James asked me to not get was a big dress.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what I fell in love with and chose for my wedding dress so as a compromise I arranged a smaller more fitted dress for the evening/dancing and I’m glad I did.  It was nice to be able to move properly. He told me before I went shopping for my first dress “avoid a big dress if you can I don’t want to feel like I’m shifting a wardrobe during the first dance” such a lovely way with words got to appreciate the honesty though!

Who were the bridesmaids?

My twin Caroline, best friends Kayleigh and Holly who I have known from secondary school.

Where did the guys go for their suits and was there a particular style you were looking for?

The men’s suits were from Next and due to the pandemic it was A NIGHTMARE finding anywhere that stocked them!

Who provided your amazing wedding flowers?

Our flowers were provided by the Orange Grove in Hessle.

What about your amazing wedding cake??

The cake was from I Do Couture and James doesn’t like traditional weddings. So I agreed I would have my traditional half of the cake and he could have something to represent his interests and so the Mario theme happened as he’s a BIG gamer. I suggested Mario to him as I know he likes it and because he didn’t want traditional toppers for the cake and I wasn’t keen either I thought what about Mario and Princess peach for toppers! So I found the toppers online and organised the cake which James absolutely loved! Finding a princess peach figure in a wedding dress was an ordeal but we managed to. We found/bought the toppers online. X

The cake was chocate orange on the top (he chose), mint chocolate in middle (I chose) and vanilla at bottom (for parents/older guests) x

What made the wedding feel so personal?

I had gone crazy about details so for me it was all very personal down to the flowers which had a charm with my late grandparents on them to accompany me down the Aisle.

Tell me about your first dance and your chosen song

Our first dance was… unconventional ! We had Best of me by the starting line as our first dance song as we both like alternative music. We both dreaded this part of the day as we don’t dance and aren’t great at being the centre of attention which our wedding photographer Nev was extremely understanding about!

What were the main stand out and memorable moments for you?

My dad tripping on the step that I’d warned him about a thousand times as he walked me down, my nan crying happy tears (a hard nut to crack!), the first dance when I held Jacob with James and Nev Chambers the wedding photographer, swinging a whisk and asking me to follow him.

Do you have any tips for future brides planning their wedding day?

If you get a dress with a “built in bra” trim it because they show sometimes! I ended up doing this AT the wedding! 
Don’t get a long veil if you have clumsy relatives because they WILL step on it! 

Which is your favourite wedding photograph and why?
My favourite wedding photograph is very hard to say as I absolutely LOVE them all. My favourite one would probably be the one where Jacob is climbing under my dress can’t wait to show him when he’s older😂 I love the one where my parents see me for the first time and looked surprised (I can scrub up well who knew?). I also really love the photo of my mother in law and father in law holding hands because they never take photographs and that was such a tender moment!