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20th January 2022

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Wedding Photography, the Details

The Little Things that matter to every Bride and Groom

Wedding What now?

Wedding days go by in a blur.  It’s the greatest day of your life but it’s a none stop event.  I have lost count of the number of Brides and Grooms that have told me that the day went so fast.  When I deliver them the wedding gallery, they always comment on aspects of the day that we have captured but they didn’t get to see.  Things that they have since forgotten or often ask the question, ‘how did you do that?’

As a Scarborough based wedding photographer my job isn’t just about pointing a camera at a Bride or Groom all day.  It’s about telling the story of the wedding day.  This often starts at some dark hour when I leave home to arrive in good time for bridal preparations.  This is usually the busiest most chaotic part of the wedding day.  It usually comprises of multiple bridesmaids, flower girls, a bride, a hairdresser, make-up artist and lots and lots of glasses of champagne. 

So what do I mean by wedding detail photography?  Simply put its all the little things.  The things some people won’t really register, but are always important to the bride and groom or their parents.  It is often the personal items, the little touches, that make the wedding day feel even more special. 

Detail photography for me can also mean the biggest thing on the day!  The wedding dress.  A bride spends hours, days, weeks even months finding that perfect wedding dress.  Of course, she is going to look stunning in it but we always like to create something before the dress goes on.  Some dresses lend themselves to being hung from light fittings, some are far too heavy and need something sturdier.  The bridal suite usually has that perfect spot to show off the dress.  Sometimes it doesn’t so we aren’t afraid to look elsewhere!!

Shoes!!  Who doesn’t love shoes?  We try and capture everything about your shoes that make them personal to you.  Sometimes its writing on the bottom, sometimes it is the box they came in.  Sometimes it’s the designer labels!! (lucky girl) Shoes with the dress, shoes without the dress.  Often if the bride or groom have children, we get them to try on the shoes!!

But everyone gets to see those don’t they?  Most people do, but not how we photograph them on the wedding day.  But its more than shoes and dresses.  It’s about wedding jewellery, flowers, garters, I have even been asked to capture the brides lingerie!!! (before she put it on) 

The details don’t end with bridal preparation, on the wedding day there are lots of other little details to capture.  The grooms watch, cufflinks, buttonholes, Cards or letters between the engaged couple. 

Wedding Gifts Always bring back Emotion

What were the table decorations like at the last wedding you went to?  Being a wedding photographer is about capturing these elements of the wedding day that can so easily be overlooked.  A bride and groom spend hours deciding on what flowers, or type of lantern etc. To use as table decorations.  They don’t just magically appear, that’s why I always get photographs of the room where the wedding breakfast is held.  A lot of time and effort goes into it from colour schemes to textures.  Place names, wedding day favours, even the bows on the back of the chairs are all captured by us on the wedding day.  I believe it’s this attention to the little details that helps us tell the story in the Italian Storybook Wedding Album that comes with all of our wedding packages. 

Wedding details allow us to be as creative as the Bride and Grooms we are there to photograph.  Often random objects are used to enhance the photos and unusual places and corners become the backdrop to many a photograph.   If you want to ask any questions about wedding details or you would like to discuss your wedding day plans.  Please click the link and I will be happy to answer any of your wedding related questions.

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