Why use a Professional Photographer for Your Business?

7th September 2018

Why is a professional image so important?

Even though we don’t like to admit it, humans are visual creatures. What we see and the conclusions we consciously and unconsciously form matter more than we realise. 

Time to explore why. The majority of information which we absorb and decode is visual. Sixty-five percent of us are visual learners, according to the Social Science Research Network. So the majority process information based on what is seen. It is worth noting that ninety percent of information conveyed to the brain is visual.  Therefore what others see has an incontestable impact on our ability to be successful. A well executed image can go beyond language and words. They empower humans so that they have a clearer understanding of the topic in hand. We are told from an early age that, “first impressions count!” and “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” There has been a significant amount of research into this and it is widely accepted that first impressions are formed within seven seconds (yes seven!) This confirms that an exceptional design can ensure that your business and site remain in the viewer’s mind as professional and trustworthy.

So it is fair to conclude that skimping on professional photography will not help to develop your business . It is important to bear in mind that images go directly into

long-term memory (short-term memory processes words). When thinking about a particular business they can be easily called upon. Once you have recognised the importance of visual communication you are on track for success.

wedding hair scarborough.jpg

Sanctuary Hair Health and Beauty and being Visual

Jenny Finn is the creator of Sanctuary Hair, Health and Beauty in Scarborough. Jenny contacted Nev Chambers Photography to capture images that convey the culture and brand of Sanctuary. It is important to hire a professional to take head shots of your team as you will receive flattering and authentic results that allow the viewer to instantly begin building a bond. Remember the seven second rule, the viewer will have already drawn conclusions at this point. Even if they are unaware of this. The head shots of the Sanctuary ladies reflect their friendliness and professionalism. The images taken of the salon and beauty rooms at Sanctuary Hair, Health and Beauty reflect the professional, knowledgeable and clean establishment that Jenny and her team are proud of. This gives the viewer a clear idea of the level of service available. They are more likely to then browse the treatments on offer. Jenny has recently birthed a new and exciting concept. The Beauty Lounge. Wow! Nev Chambers Photography were blown away by the high standard of the room and its fun purpose. It is clear to see why Jenny and her team wanted to showcase the new and unique Beauty Lounge. It is a bespoke room which can be hired exclusively for a range of events. The room is very calming and encourages you to unwind. These images ensure that the business’ high standards are projected out into the world. 

bridal hair and beauty scarborough.jpg