Beautiful wedding photos captured whether it rains/snows/shines

10th November 2019

Worried about rain on your Wedding Day|Storms, snow & wind|How to make the most of your wedding day

As your wedding day approaches, I am aware that the weather forecast will be a constant concern. For brides and grooms this can be a source of nervous energy as they anticipate their wedding day forecast. However, as an artistic and imaginative wedding photographer the rain, snow and even storms (yes you’ve read that correctly) can often provide unimaginable photo opportunities.

Here are our top eight suggestions for wet, windy and stormy weddings

  • Ask your makeup artist to use a waterproof mascara as it’s great for rainy, windy weddings, and of course happy tears. A fixing spray is another useful tool to keep you looking fantastic all day and night.
  • Lips tend to dry out in the cold and wind, so wear lip balm (both brides and grooms). It’s also great for keeping your lips kissable too!
  • It is always wise to have an umbrella nearby as the weather can change dramatically in a short space of time. I carry at least two umbrellas, both white and plain. This is to prevent colour clashes and strange shadows appearing on the photograph. You may choose to purchase a coloured umbrella to match the flowers or suits etc. This can look fantastic if the right umbrella is used. Jollybrolly have a range of styles and colours to choose from. Umbrellas needed at short notice – Brolliesgalore gives you the option of next day delivery.
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  • Whatever the weather enjoy your wedding day. Keep smiling and be flexible. Remember an experienced photographer always has several backup plans. I always scout out wedding venues so that I am prepared with alternative wedding day locations/plans. These can change in a matter of moments, but do not worry I will have a solution.
  • Staying warm and semi dry is important. Have a wrap, cardigan or jacket that you can wear between photographs. One of the bridesmaids/groomsmen hold these whilst photographs are being taken.
  • No one wants wet feet especially on their wedding day. So I recommend that the groom has a spare pair of socks and shoes, if possible. This way, on returning indoors, they can swap into dry comfortable socks and shoes. I always carry a spare pair of socks as I often end up in puddles!
  • Heels are often the shoe of choice for brides. Many brides treat themselves to a special pair of designer shoes. If you don’t want these to be ruined then have a second pair of flat shoes or wellies available. This will make walking from location to location in the soft, muddy, wet ground easier. Sometimes having wellies adds a fun dimension to the photographs. Hunter and Evercreatures have a range of wedding wellies.
  • Finally ,when viewing a wedding venue make sure that you ask the coordinator about alternative arrangements should the weather take a turn on the big day. Not all venues offer plan B so do ask about the size and location of any offered solutions.

So even if it does rain on your wedding day have fun and trust your wedding photographer.

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