Wedding Day Blog Part One

17th January 2020

What are the MUST haves for a successful wedding?

Simply put FUN!!  

Hazlewood Castle, between York and Leeds wedding venue

It is your wedding day.  Your big special day, your day to shine.  Everything else is just there to enhance the day or to assist with memories years down the line.  As the Bride or Groom, the wedding day is yours.  It is not a day about anyone else, if you the bride or groom don’t want something on your wedding day, then why should you?

But what else is needed for a successful wedding day?

1.  A wedding venue – This generally is the first thing booked by any bride and groom.  This is the stage from which everything follows.  The wedding venue dictates most things that will happen on the wedding day.

Crooke Hall and Gardens, County Durham

How do you know it’s the right wedding venue for you?   Visit, ask, research and get a feel.  When I was lucky enough to marry my wife, we had visited a number of wedding venues, however when we walked into The Manor House, County Durham, we looked at each other and without saying a word we knew.  Yes, The Manor House is stunning, yes it’s ancient, yes it is a friendly venue, but it had a feeling, an energy.  

Wedding co-ordinators – Helpful but a Salesperson

When visiting wedding venues, stand still, look around, just take a moment.  Wedding coordinators will tell potential brides and grooms about all the wow options on your wedding day, the things you can have, show you pictures and walk you around the venue.  Remember wedding coordinators ultimately are sales people.  Very nice, very important and very helpful sales people.  

To a wedding coordinator initially a bride and groom are a potential date in a diary they can cross off.  This sounds a little heartless and matter of fact and I mean no disrespect to any of the amazing wedding day coordinators I have worked with.  Ultimately though they are selling you the venue.  So don’t be afraid to stand still and take that moment to get a feel for the venue.  When you know, you will definitely know. 

Walworth Castle, Darlington, County Durham

What about my wedding date?

If you have a specific date in mind for your wedding day, I suggest visiting venues as soon as possible.  The popular venues book out very quickly, especially for weekend and Friday weddings.  I am aware of a number of venues local to me Raven Hall Hotel, OX Pasture Hall, and Bunny Hill to name but a few that already have dates booked for 2023. As I am also booked for the wedding day photography.

So, in short, the first thing for your wedding day – Go and look at wedding venues, spend time at the venue.  Don’t rush the decision but also don’t hang about.  Wedding venues get booked quickly so get out there. Enjoy the experience and ask lots of questions.  As a bride or groom you have more power than you think.  The venue wants you.  Be cheeky ask what they can do for you!!

If it doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t!!!

Part two to follow soon. 

All Images from Nev Chambers Photography