Advice on Wedding Flowers from Nev Chambers Photography & Daisy Dot, North Yorkshire

22nd January 2020

Traditional Wedding Flowers?

Traditionally couples dream of a big white wedding. Usually selecting white roses, white lilies, gypsophila and white freesia. Interestingly a large proportion of weddings are now becoming less formal. An indication of this is the wedding venue choice that many couples are making, barns and tipis appear to rank highly. These wedding venues require a more natural, less structured approach to wedding floristry. It is important to make the most of the natural movement and flow of the flowers on the wedding day. Cornflowers, grasses, daisies and herbs are extremely popular brides and grooms.

The location of the wedding venue also impacts highly on the selection of wedding day flowers available. Fortunately, most flowers can be supplied all year round, however there are certain flowers that are not. Peonies are an excellent example of this issue. They have a short flowering season (May to early July) so if you desperately desire peonies in your bridal bouquet, choose your wedding date accordingly. Spring flowers such as Tulips, Muscari and Narcissi, would not be available during the late summer. 

It is important to consider how you want your flowers to look in photographs. Do you desire subtle touches or a dominating pop of colour? Go on Pintrest and gather images to show both your photographer and florist. This ensures that everyone is on the same page which is so important as your wedding album is one of the few things that remain long after your wedding. 

Current Trends In wedding day Flowers 

Over the last 12 months there has been a rise in the demand for floral crowns. These are absolutely stunning, offering great versatility. A vibrant flower crown provides you with that natural, garden-party look and brings out a bohemian style for your wedding day. If you are focussing on elegant and refined then a floral halo of small white flowers interspersed with pearls and crystals would be perfect. When choosing your crown think carefully about the size and complexity of your floral statement. Remember it needs to complement your natural beauty, your wedding dress, so trust your florist. They have seen the successes and their advice could save you heartache in the future when you look back on your wedding day photographs. 

Many couples, brides and grooms, are now choosing low level table centre pieces which are rustic, free flowing and full of greenery. Foliage table runners bring that all important meadow experience which provides just enough of each element without being overwhelming. Dotted throughout are jam jars and bottles with either tealights or a few carefully selected blooms. This is a great way to upcycle and create an eco-friendly wedding day. A clear sign that more and more of wedding couples are looking to minimise their environmental impact on their wedding day. 

Wedding Bouquet Designs

Gone are the days of numerous wedding bouquets that all look the same. Today each couple can have a truly bespoke design on their wedding day. Daisy Dot’s most popular designs are the handtied wedding bouquet and the teardrop/shower bridal bouquet.  For something a little different why not incorporate some wire work into your design.

Remember that the shape and size of your bridal bouquet will look at its best (on the day and in your wedding photographs) if you keep it in proportion so that it matches your build and doesn’t look out-of-place. The shape of the wedding bouquet is also relevant in highlighting your natural features and the wedding dress details that you want to draw attention to. For example, if your wedding dress features a narrow waist, choose a bouquet that is narrower than your waist, so it doesn’t crowd this area. Similarly, a cascading bouquet with several details in the lower half may hide the details on your skirt.


  • Has the florist worked at your venue before?  Don’t panic if they haven’t.  Why not organise a planning meeting at the venue. This way you both get to wander around and analyse the venue together.
  • Can you see examples of their work? It’s not always possible but some florists can provide a mock-up of your bouquet (expect to pay for this service). If not ask to see their recent work portfolio. Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages. 
  • Find out who will be delivering the flowers on the day?  Decide where you would like them delivered. Consider things like – will the buttonholes need to be at a separate address?
  • Importantly, make sure you know when the final balance is due.
  • Ask if they rent items, such as vases and how rented items are returned. Make sure you have agreed on how many rented items you have (and the cost of replacing missing or broken items). This should be part of the written contract.

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