Must have Wedding Photos

1st February 2022

North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Wedding photos, what do you need? Well I think we can all agree that wedding photos are one of the most important parts of the wedding day, so being organised and creating a must-have wedding photograph list should be highlighted on your wedding planner. (We strongly advise you to have a planner for your wedding day.) These photographs are a tangible reminder of your wedding day. Think about it. What do you have left once the magical wedding day is over? Wedding photos are the memories you’ll cherish forever and even look back on that night! Many of our brides and grooms opt for an evening slideshow which is a massive wedding guest pleaser and often reduces the bride and groom to tears.

We hear this time and time again from brides and grooms, “It goes by in a flash,”. So this is why we as wedding photographers are determined to help you in planning your perfect wedding photos, beginning with bride preparation (an increasing number of grooms are now asking for this too) through to your sparkler runway, fireworks or special wedding exit.

The BIG step! Hire a wedding photographer you’re thrilled to work with and put your trust and faith in the professional. Remember you are hiring a professional, we know what we are doing. So even if some of our ideas seem a little off the wall or crazy trust us. We want to make your special wedding day as wonderful as possible.

There are many must have moments which need capturing so we have complied a wedding photo list, from the magazine worthy makeup photo of your wedding day makeup to our special twilight wedding photographs.

Don’t be put off by the list. You don’t need to have all of these wedding photos in order to produce a stunning wedding album. Choose the ones you love and discount the rest (remember you can add to this list too). So scroll down to see what makes you feel good.

1. Wedding Makeup

Start your must have wedding day photos with bridal prep. Why not have beautiful photographs which show you in the best light.

2. Your Wedding accessories (don’t forget the groom’s!)

It’s the little details that matter. Let us, as experienced wedding photographers, create different ways of showcasing your beautiful wedding jewellery and groom’s accessories. It’s the details which matter.

3. Bridal Preparation Photos

These must have bridal preparation photos are so important. They help you to remember the feeling of anticipation and excitement. Also they are lovely to share with your other half as this is a part of the wedding day that they missed.

4. Shoes or should we say, the wedding shoes

When your wedding shoes are as stunning as these, it is a shame not to have detailed photos.

5. The Veil

Whether the veil accentuates the stunning bride or simple draws attention to the fabulous wedding dress. We always come up with a way to draw attention to your beautiful wedding veil.

6. Bridal Portrait

Creating signature must have wedding photos are always fun and exciting. We love talking to you during our pre wedding consultation and working with you to ensure that your dreams are met.

7. The Wedding Flowers

Your wedding flowers will look amazing and you will definitely need these must have wedding photos. Wedding bouquets are unique to each bride so it is important for wedding photographers to capture this essence. Read our blog on current trends and questions to ask your florist.

8. The Bridal Party

Make sure that you plan in time to have these precious photos taken. Decision time, candid with lots of laughter or posed photographs with your bridal squad? Both look amazing.

9. Groom Preparation Photos

In our experience grooms tend to prefer action wedding photos. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have designed and constructed your own bar or chosen a classic billiard room as your backdrop.

10. First Look Photos

After trying on lots of wedding dresses you are going to want to photograph the big reveal!

This is one of our favourite moments during any wedding day. It is such a privilege to witness that wonderful reaction to the first look. Regardless of whether it is the Father of the Bride or Groom seeing the bride in all her finery, these make emotional must have wedding photos.

11. Wedding Venue – Drone Wedding Photos

Drone wedding photos are on the rise. Many brides and grooms are now requesting this as a must have wedding photo. The drone is great for capturing venues and the landscape around them.

12. Children

Children love weddings and this makes them great posers! On the flip side these wedding photos appeal to parents as their children are dressed up for a memorable occasion. We have a password protected gallery for every wedding so guests can login to order their favourite wedding photos.

13. Walking Down the Aisle

Who remembers the shaky legs as they walked down the aisle? I certainly recall watching my wife and being half tempted to rush up the aisle to her as I thought, and still think, that she is the most beautiful and amazing woman. We love the heart felt emotions that are on display and this is why these make the must have wedding photos list.

14. The Ring Exchange

This must be in the top three, must have wedding photos. The actual moment that the bride and groom become a married couple. An event which needs immortalising.

15. Seal it with a Kiss

Time to pucker up and share the love. Did you know that this tradition began with the Romans? It was started with no romance in mind, simply serving as a way to seal the contractual agreement that was a marital union. It is a great honour to capture these poignant moments in bride’s and groom’s lives. Definite must have wedding photos!

16. Speeches

Who doesn’t enjoy a good wedding speech? They are often a great source of entertainment and therefore make memorable wedding photographs. It is fun to capture those giggles and the look of love and pride demonstrated by the bride and groom.

17. Intimate Couple Moments

Wedding days are joyous, but very busy occasions for the bride and groom. So we ‘borrow’ the newly weds in order to create some special memories for just the two of them. We have some simple techniques to help with the posing and the rest is natural. These are must have wedding photos as they demonstrate the love between the couple.

18. The First Dance

The bride and groom’s first dance is a very special moment which needs immortalising. Our unobtrusive, relaxed, natural style ensures that we connect with the romance of the moment.

19. Sparklers & Fireworks

Sparklers and fireworks at a wedding make unforgettable wedding photographs. These are often arranged as a surprise by either the bride or groom for their spouse or as a wonderful addition for the wedding guests. Talk to your wedding photographer and make sure they know that this is happening, this way they can plan the best photographs for you.

20. Wedding Day Transport

This is another key piece of the wedding day so ensure that you share your plans with your photographer. This way you have lovely photographs of your arrival and departure. We believe that these are must have wedding photos as the mode of transport chosen is often very different to your everyday options.

21. Evening/Twilight Wedding Photos

All we can say is must have wedding photos. It doesn’t matter which venue you choose, you need these show stopping photographs. When selecting a wedding photographer ask to see several examples of their work. A good photographer will be more than happy to share them with you.